Capacity Building

We remain faithful to our promise to the environment and the community. Therefore, we employ various methods in order to assure the validity of our organic agriculture and fair trade certifications.

  • APPTA has trained a group of 17 different inspectors in Talamanca. This means that they visit all of the producers, collect information, observe violations of the rules and finally right a report on the state of the farm.
  • We uphold and abide by the strict guidelines of the Eco-LOGICA association to assure access to organic markets and a quality product

Internal system of certification control(SIC):

The SIC is our organizational tool implemented for organic integrity control by following precise guidelines that are handled by the organization of producers (GPO)
Card of Commitment: The “contract” between each producer and SIC
Form for Visits:The receipt and verification of visits that must be made according to the annual plan
Internal Regulations: Set of internal rules for admission, sanctions and expulsion.
Plans: Graphic representation of the farm and its lots
Management Plan: Projections of activities to maintain fertility, fito-sanitary health and organic integrity of the farm

P1000623We host workshops of organic agriculture methodology and other forms of environmental education..