All the products that we produce here at APPTA symbolize our commitment to the environment and the strengthening of the Talamacan community. Each fruit harvested is part of a long history of investment in the community and a better future for its people.

Our Products:

  • Dry Cacao (organic and conventional) (fair trade)
  • Banana, Guava, Star fruit, and Arazá puree (organic) (fair trade)


(Theobroma cacao)The fruit is native to Latin America (its origin is estimated to be the Amazon rainforest somewhere between Peru and Brazil) and its scientific name means food of the gods. Cacao is the main ingredient in chocolate and is deeply rooted in the indigenous culture of Talamanca. The fruit is considered sacred in Bribri culture and is used in funerary ceremonies amongst other traditions.



(Musa paradisiaca)  The Banana comes from south-east Asia and it is believed that cultivation began around 7,000 years ago. Rich in potassium, it is one of the most eaten fruits on the plant. We handle and produce the Dwarf Cavendish and Gros-Michel varieties.   Guava_Guayaba


(Psidium guajava) The Guava is characterized by its intense pink fruit center and high level of antixodant properties. The fruit belongs to the Myrtacea family with almost 100 different species all endemic of the Americas.             Carambola_Starfruit

Star Fruit:

(Averrhoa carambola)  The fruits origin is from south-east Asia. The star fruit has the peculiarity of being shaped like a 5 pointed star.

Arazáaraza 2

(Eugenia stipitata) The Arazá fruit comes from the Amazon rainforest. The yellow fruit has an exquisite aroma and various forms of preparation. Also from the Myrtacea family, it is sometimes referred to as the Amazonian guava.