Cándida Salazar Appta CR foto Cyril MischlerAPPTA’s work can be depicted as a cacao tree, based in the roots and tradition of organic agro-forestry. Agro-forestry is the most harmonious type of agriculture with nature and is the foundation of our system. The center of the network, or trunk, is composed of the transportation and capacity building aspects, just like the biological system of a tree. There, the “goods” are processed and transformed from the work of the roots to be sent onward. Finally, the branches of the APPTA tree extend with the fruit of their labor out to the United States and Europe in the form of a quality, organic, fair trade product. Above all, this system nurtures a favorable and fertile environment around “the tree” in order to improve and expand organic, just and sustainable agriculture.


Organic Certification of USA



Sello EcologicaEco-Logica Certification



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Fair Trade Certification of Europe




Organic Certification of Switzerland


Fair Trade Certification of USA